Xcel Auditor’s “Attaboy”

Published on November 17, 2011 by in Customer Feedback


50% Air Leakage Reduction? 

Yes, 50% air leakage reduction.  Insulating is only 1/2 the battle.  If you don’t air seal a home in the process of insulating, then you’re missing a prime opportunity to lock in heat that literally flows out of your home. 

Our Blower Door can quantify the air leakage in your home.  On a recent job we air sealed and insulated the attic with cellulose, and injected Tripolymer foam into the walls using our normal process.  We performed a “test out” blower door test before leaving and were pleased (but not too surprised) with our results.

A few weeks later an Xcel Auditor stopped by to make sure our work met their rebate program’s standards.  We not only met it, we exceeded their standards, achieving a 50% air leakage reduction and a special “attaboy” and ”thank you and keep up the great work” commendation from Xcel and Lightly Treading.

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